Champions of industry.

Revere specializes in the safe and time-sensitive delivery of high-value cargo for these industries.


Engineering companies and manufacturers of aerospace and aviation components and end products that need specialized transportation for high-tech components to assembly plants.

Automotive and Heavy-Duty Truck

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aftermarket suppliers, remanufacturers and distributors of automotive parts, equipment, chemicals and accessories.


Companies that provide hazardous, unstable or other sensitive chemicals to a variety of other industries.

Consumer Goods

Producers of high-end merchandise and consumables, who rely on specialty delivery services.

Electronics and High-Value Products

Manufacturers and distributors of high tech and high value products that require high security with special care and handling.

Energy and Utilities

Coal, electric, gas, hydro, oil, solar, wind and nuclear energy companies that deal with unexpected breakdowns and power outages rely on air charter, expedited ground services and delivery tracking.

Forwarders and 3PLs

Asset carriers, forwarders and third-party logistics providers of outsourced services.

Government and Military

Defense contractors, the Department of Defense and other government-related contractors seeking time-critical delivery of materials often deployed in response to natural disasters, military exercises and operations.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Companies that develop, manufacture or distribute vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and other sensitive cargo that require expedited emergency delivery, temperature-controlled/thermal-mapped trailers and temperature monitoring with vehicle position tracking.


Manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment, metals and other materials.